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Q: Why is my parcel delayed in customs clearance with no updates?  Why does it take so long to receive the parcel?  Why has shipment tracking been stopped for so long during the customs clearance process?

A:Customs clearance simply takes time.  Furthermore, the products inside your shipments may also elongate the whole procedure.  If this happens, you may ask the sender for specifications of this shipment.

Q: Why doesn’t your company deliver food or clothing to Japan?  Your company will not accept those shipments.  Why?

A:Different countries have different policies.  For instance, Japanese customs are very strict with food.  Generally, food cannot pass Japanese customs.  Because of that, we do not accept food shipments.  For clothing and shoes, Japanese customs requires that products be brand new if they have direct contact with the body.

Q: Why is there no record on your official website if shipments are from abroad?

A:Normally ZTO provides last mile service for this kind of parcel.  Overseas transportation is not carried out by ZTO.  Therefore, you need to contact the sender to check the status of the parcels.

Q:Why is your hotline (95311) not available?  It seems to always be playing a voice message?

A:95311 is the service hotline which uses intelligent voice recognition.  For personal service, please say “Guo ji jian cha xun” or other words that include “Guo Ji”.  You will be transferred to a customer service representative.

Q: Why can’t clients place an international order on your official website?

A:The function to place an order through the ZTO International official website is not yet fully available.  If you need to place an order, please contact your local ZTO outlet.  The outlet will send your parcel to Shanghai headquarters or the southern ZTO International office, where the staff there will handle your shipment.

Q: Who is responsible for paying taxes on international parcels?

A:In general, import tax will be charged in the destination country.  The recipient should pay any customs duties.  If the recipient does not pay, the sender will then be responsible.  In the latter case, there will be commission fees.

Q:What is the standard rate for international shipments?

A:You can contact 95311 for details related to international parcel service.  Rates will vary according to the destination country and/or product shipped. Because of different import limitations in each country, rates will vary.

Q: Who is responsible for the cost of returned parcels?

A:If parcels are returned due to actions of the logistics company, they will refund the clients.  If a parcel is returned due to a wrong address or problems with the item shipped (such as restricted items), the customs agency will charge the return fee and give instructions to the client on how to pay.

Q:Why doesn’t your company provide three free delivery attempts abroad?

A:Unfortunately ZTO International is not able to serve all oversea countries.  The last mile service is handled by local partners.  If delivery fails due to some reason related to the client, the client should contact the local delivery company for further information.

Q: How long does it take for international shipment?

A:From 4 to 7 working days, excluding the processing time in customs.