Service Introduction

Localized “Last Mile” Delivery


Hong Kong “last mile” delivery provides an offline cross-border express service specialized for e-commerce vendors.  After parcels arrive at ZTO's domestic outlets, they are transferred to our Dongguan sorting center through line-haul routes and are delivered directly after customs clearance.  In Hong Kong, ZTO International Logistics has 3 cargo sorting centers and 78 delivery vehicles, with coverage of 97% of Hong Kong.  Delivery services include door-to-door pick-up and dispatch, same-day dispatch, return processing, freight collection, collection of payment, parcel pickup at a third-party company address, warehouse distribution, etc.  In order to provide flexible and convenient parcel pick-up and an improved customer experience, ZTO International Logistics offers 225 pick-up sites for Hong Kong customers.

Product features:

1. A single integrated waybill with no need to change the waybill after entering Hong Kong.

2. Provide timely tracking of distribution and delivery, synchronized with the official ZTO website.

3. Extensive coverage in Hong Kong with more than 200 recipient self-pickup sites that complements door-to-door delivery service.

4. Provide customs clearance between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

5. Improve vendor competitiveness through value-added services such as collection of payment, freight collection and return processing.

6. Provide online and offline customer service, inquiry line and complaint hotline for direct mail service,